Vink advises, helps you develop ideas and makes your results measurable. Which type of exposition matches your company? What stand location in the exhibition hall is most suitable for me? How do I approach (potential) customers? Vink helps.

Advice from Vink Stands & Events
The exhibition prices are high and it’s hard to measure return on investment. Or your exhibition stand is hidden away in the far corner of the event. Sound familiar? From now on, these practices are a thing of the past. Vink helps you prevent scenes like this.

Everything you need to know about exhibiting
We use our many years of experience in building stands and our large network within the stand construction industry and the events industry to give you the best advice we can. Through a thorough preparation, a keen ear, strategical thinking and engaging our key partners, we ensure that your targets are achieved. More customers, a higher revenue and a better return on investment. Guaranteed! We can also train your stand crew, so that they know how to approach (potential) customers. It all depends on your requirements and targets, which we will determine together with you.
Choose Vink
It is important to go to an exhibition trained and with a worked out plan. But the follow-up is perhaps just as important. What do you do with the leads you acquire on an exhibition? Vink can also be of assistance here. What are you waiting for? Team up with Vink. Vink achieves.



Vink helps you design, so that you will have a stand that completely matches you and your company. Our workshop offers many, many possibilities. Our stand designers are creative and create a unique and customised exhibition stand for you.
Vink gives you your own unique stand design
Do you have an idea about how your stand is supposed to look? Or haven’t you got a clue yet? Vink’s creative stand designers help you think it through. This way, you will get the perfect stand for your event.
Customised stand construction
When you work with Vink Stands & Events, nothing is impossible. Because we are both creative and thorough and we view every project as a new challenge. Vink has its own studio with a team of experienced and keen stand designers. We always design customised stands, which prominently feature your corporate identity. Would you like an especially designed ceiling, completely in your corporate style? Perhaps you would like a prominent bar or a wall made of special materials? Or another production which really stands out? Vink can do just about anything.

Every stand design is unique
We specialise in wood constructions. This means that every stand is built uniquely and customised, and modular expansion of your stand is a piece of cake. Choose Vink. The combination of wood construction, creativity, direct and personal contact and a no-nonsense mentality together help guarantee the perfect stand for your event.



Vink constructs and realises your stand. Exactly the way we designed it together with you. In our own workplace and aided by our own practical-minded and versatile people.

Vink constructs and realises
Constructing and realising plans. This is what Vink does. The designed exhibition stand is constructed by our professionals in the exhibition hall or on your event, both in the Netherlands and abroad. You can rely on Vink.
Multifunctional stand constructors
Let us construct your stand right away. Our multifunctional stand constructors, who produce the stand in our own workshop, are very versatile. They’re experts in all sorts of matters, they know how to paint, they’re excellent carpenters and electricians and have all the necessary disciplines under one roof. Therefore, with us the construction of your stand is always in the right hands.

Flexibility, resourcefulness and craftsmanship
Thanks to more than 35 years of experience in stand construction, Vink has gained a powerful reputation. This is why customers trust us and why they keep coming back. With Vink flexibility, resourcefulness and craftsmanship are the key words. We provide service from start to finish. Choose Vink now. For the perfect stand on your event.

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