Vink Stand Construction celebrates its 35th anniversary! In 1980 our company was founded and started out in a small shed of 35 m2. Meanwhile, we have grown and are now a renowned player in the national and international stand construction business. We work from 3 different sheds, amounting to a total space of approximately 900 m2. But we are not done yet! This summer we are going to relocate to an even bigger location, in which all aspects of our work can take place underneath a single roof! Of course we will send you an invitation for the opening party, so keep a close eye on your mailbox!

We won’t show you your stand until it is nearly finished. The weeks and days before that, many things have happened. Designing, ordering materials, production, communication with suppliers, requesting electricity and water supply. Everything is loaded into a truck and driven to the location. The construction is an artpiece in itself, where all suppliers convene and a feat of streamlined planning is of the essence. In the end, the result is what matters, we know that more than anyone! The stand is your showpiece, but ours as well!

Zorg en ICT 2015: on this exhibition, where we have been many times before, we have done quite a lot of work. We built the stands for 4 participants, of which you can find the photos and the link to their website below;

Voor Athena We have already realised five exhibitions for Athena. On the Zorg&ICT exhibition, they had a corner stand of 6 x 4 metres. By using the existing materials, their participation in the exhibition became very cost-efficient!

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